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What is universal credit | Universal Credit | Birmingham City Council

What is universal credit

Universal Credit is administered by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and not Birmingham City Council. It is being rolled out across Birmingham between 8 November 2017 and 14 February 2018 and paid monthly in arrears and will include Housing costs (rent).

If you have a partner, there will be one monthly payment for both of you.

If you have any other adults living with you who are entitled to benefit they may claim in their own right, but a deduction of £70.06 per month could be made from your payment for each adult, if applicable..

You will not be able to claim help with your Council Tax within Universal Credit and instead will still need to apply for council tax support separately.

Watch the YouTube videos on Universal Credit in action. These videos contain the whole playlist explaining Universal Credit's online services and what you need to do, like opening an account and how to apply.