Accessibility statement

We make every effort to ensure is easy to use and accessible for everyone. We comply with the W3C/WAI AA standard for accessibility as a minimum.
Here are some features of our website:

  • colour contrast – we have tried to use colours that provide maximum contrast between foreground and background items including headers, body text and hyperlinks. The minimum contrast on the site is 4.79:1 (min for AA compliance is 4.45:1), and all others are around 7:1 or above
  • images – all interface graphics and images are assigned an alt-text attribute, which describes the contents or function of the item
  • hyperlinks – we have chosen the standard hyperlink blue colour for all active hyperlink text items, as this is the most accessible and recognisable standard for link items
  • CSS – style-sheets have been used for all visual items and text. This means that you can change the text size from within the browser by selecting ‘View’ and then ‘Text size’
  • responsive design – website pages re-size according to the device being used
  • accessibility options – you can adapt the website to use your preferred text size and colours
  • language options – there is a link from the bottom of all pages (footer) giving access to a list of languages available for Google Translation
  • screen readers - all content is set up to work with a screen reader
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