Birmingham City Council financial challenges - time to Reset

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Appealing a Housing Benefit decision

If you do not agree with our decision on how much Housing Benefit we will pay you, or you want to dispute any overpayments we made, you can:

  • ask us for a more detailed explanation
  • ask us to look at our decision again
  • appeal against our decision

If you’re not sure, you can ask us to look at the decision again, you can still appeal at a later date if you still do not agree with us.

Make an online benefit appeal

If you have appealed and we stand by our original decision, we will send your appeal to the Tribunal Service. The appeal will then be heard by an independent person who will consider both sides. You have the right to attend the hearing and take a representative with you if you want to, this could be someone from the Citizens Advice Bureau, and advice agency or a solicitor (remember, a solicitor may charge you depending on your financial circumstances).

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