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Benefit overpayments

Overpayments are defined as any payment of benefit that a person was not entitled to. They may arise following a change in circumstances.

Delays in notification of a change of circumstances may cause greater overpayments. If we pay you too much housing benefit, we will write and tell you about the overpayment.

Overpayments must be paid back.  There a certain exceptions, which are described in the Housing Benefit Overpayments document.

If you are experiencing financial hardship please contact or email the Benefits team so we can discuss your repayment options and rates.

If you are currently repaying an overpayment and can no longer afford the weekly repayments, please call us. Please have your income and expenditure details with you when you call. We will look at your circumstances. If we decide we can change your recovery payments we will write and tell you our decision.

If you receive an invoice for an overpayment and cannot afford the balance, please ring the Housing Benefit Recovery team on 0121 464 8248 to discuss a possible payment arrangement.

There is also useful advice in our Debt Advice Section.

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