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How does this effect you | Mixed Aged Couples | Birmingham City Council

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How does this effect you

If you are making a new claim to support you with Housing/rental costs on and after 15 May 2019, if the eldest person of the couple is the DWP benefit claimant and has reached State Pension age then you will need to apply for Universal credit.  You will still need to make a claim for Council tax support for help with Council tax.

If the youngest person of the couple is the DWP Benefit claimant (i.e. is the lead claimant for ESA) then housing benefit can be claimed even if the older person of the couple is state pension age as you are classified as a working age couple.

If already in receipt of housing benefit and after the 15 May there is a change in your circumstances as detailed on the previous page under the section Protection ends when, then those currently receiving Housing benefit and are a mixed aged couple would have to claim Universal credit.

Those currently in receipt of Housing Benefit, when one of the couples ages reaches State Pension age then the local authority will check who is the DWP benefit lead claimant, if it’s the person reaching pension credit age then the housing benefit claim will be cancelled  a claim for Universal credit will need to be made.   If it’s the younger person then the claim will be left in payment.

If you need support with Housing costs and are the person that is making the claim for DWP Benefit (Income Support,JSA,ESA) and is of state pension age then you need to claim Universal Credit

If you are the person that is making a claim for DWP benefit and is not of state pension age then a claim for Housing Benefit can be made.

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