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Start your new housing benefit and/or council tax support claim

Before you make a claim for housing benefit please read the information below about Universal Credit.

Universal Credit is a single monthly payment that is administered by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).  Once you begin receiving Universal Credit (UC) you will no longer receive Housing Benefit as your UC payment will include housing costs.  

One of the first steps of applying for UC is being assigned a DWP Universal Credit work coach.  This person’s role is to support you through the process by providing financial guidance and personal budgeting advice during the transition period from multiple benefits to Universal Credit.  They will specifically check to ensure you can manage, financially, up to the first Universal Credit payday.  If your work coach is satisfied that you would experience financial hardship, if you had to wait until payday, they can agree an advance payment, of up to 50% of your total award, to be made up to three days after the waiting period, which is seven days from the date of your claim.  

In short, you can receive your first payment within ten days of being awarded Universal Credit. 

Universal Credit In order to submit a claim for Universal Credit you will be asked to verify your ID at the end of the online application.  

You can plan ahead by verifying yourself now, at, which will speed up the payment process for when you make an application. 

If you consider that your award of Universal Credit is not correct, you should appeal directly to the Department for Work and Pensions

Further information about how to make a complaint with regard to the delays and other issues can be found on the .gov. website.

Independent advice, regarding Universal Credit, can be found at Housing Systems which is a not for profit advisory service.

Making a Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support claim online is quick and easy to do. Your claim will be processed quicker and will provide you with a receipt when you have submitted your claim

If you are receiving Universal Credit you will still need to make a new claim for Council Tax support.

When you make an online claim for benefits you may not need to provide evidence to support your application, we may be able to check certain information internally.

In some circumstances you may be required to provide evidence but this will be requested at the point you complete the online form, so if we haven't asked for it don't upload it or send it to us.

If you are asked for evidence, then you may be able to upload evidence online to support your new claim as you go through the form.

If your claim is classed as a complex case, we may still need to see original proofs by post or at one of the locations listed. If you do not have the evidence to hand or can not upload it, you should still complete the online form and just answer the questions as accurately as possible. 

If you are asked to provide evidence after completing the application you must provide this within one month of making the claim.  Please make sure your proof of evidence is up to date.

If your benefit was recently stopped and you provide the evidence needed within one month we may be able to start you benefits again immediately. If you do not provide evidence within one month of your claim stopping you will need to start the process again by making a new claim. You can ask us to consider backdating your claim if you have a good reason.

Once we have received your claim, we will now only write to you if you need to provide further documents to support your claim.

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