Report a pest problem at home

If you report a pest problem in your home or garden we’ll arrange an appointment to visit you.

If you have a rat problem in your home, we’ll visit you within 2 working days due to the very high demand for our service. Unfortunately we are receive a large number of incorrect reports of rats which are actually mice.

We offer a free service for treating rat problems but our services for treating other pest problems carry a charge. Treatment for mice is not a free service, and charges are listed below.

We only treat wasps problems between 1 July and 30 November each year.


  • Rats in domestic gardens or properties - free
  • Wasps - £60 for one nest, £75 for two or more nests. Revisits are free within 28 days of first treatment
  • Mice - £110 for first hour

All prices include VAT.

Report a problem with pests

All prices include VAT

Treating a pest problem yourself

If you’d prefer to treat a problem yourself we can offer some guidance and assistance depending on the type of pest involved.

We offer free mouse poison which can you can collect from your local Customer Services Centre. You’ll need to present a letter as proof of residence and a form of ID.

Other services

The British Pest Controllers Association provides details of its members. These can be found on the British Pest Control Association website, where you can search for pest control companies in your area.

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