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Report uncontrolled or dangerous dogs

What's the problem?

If you've been bitten by a dog and you know who the owner of the dog is, or you suspect someone is keeping a prohibited type dog (e.g. pit bull terrier), call the police on 101 or log an incident online.

If you are concerned about public safety, please dial 999.

Any dog owner not complying with Public Space Protection Orders, as detailed below, or are not adequately controlling their dogs can be reported. We can visit or write to dog owners if their dogs are causing a nuisance.

Report a dog issue online

or contact Birmingham Dog Warden on 0121 303 6007.

Public Spaces Protection Orders

We can serve fixed penalty notices to people who break these orders in the Birmingham area without a valid reason. These orders make it an offence for a dog owner (or anyone in charge of a dog) to:

Failure to respond to a fixed penalty notice can result in prosecution.

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