Request dead animal removal

In the unfortunate event that any dead animals are found on public roads, pavements and parks, we will remove them. We do not remove dead animals from gardens or private properties.

If the animal is a cat or dog, and can be identified through a tag, collar or a readable and up to date chip, our animal welfare department will then inform the owners about the loss of their pet.

Unfortunately we cannot return dead animals, as we cannot store them on our site. We do ensure that all dead animals are disposed of in a sensitive and safe manner.

If the animal has no reasonable means of identification, up to date registration details, or the microchip is severely damaged, we will record known details and again, dispose of the animal in a sensitive and safe manner.

The information on all deceased cats and dogs found will be kept for a minimum period of 2 years.

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Lost cats

We are unable to record and keep details of lost cats; if you have lost a cat you can contact:

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