Report fly-posting

Fly-posting is displaying material such as posters and advertising without permission. Fly-posting is illegal and anyone caught may be prosecuted.

We will remove fly-posting within 5 working days of receiving a request. If the fly-posting is racist or offensive, we will usually remove it within 1 working day.

We may take legal action against those responsible under the Advertisements Regulations by using the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 or the Highways Act 1980.

How to use our reporting form

If you want to track progress on your enquiry, you can log in to, or register for a BRUM account.

1. Start your report

Look at the map to begin.

The map will show a 2-mile area around Birmingham city centre by default.

2. Find and plot the location

There are 2 ways to find the location.

  1. Use the "Search for a place" box
    Type a postcode or road name in the search box.
    If you know the property number, include it too.
  2. Manual search
    Explore the map and zoom in to mark the location.
    On the left side of the map, you will find the tools:
    • Zoom buttons. Use the plus and minus buttons to zoom in and out.
      Mobile users can also pinch to zoom.
    • Find my location circle. Use this to zoom to where you are right now
    To move around the map, click or tap and drag.

Click or tap the map to plot the location. A marker will appear.

3. Submit your report

Once you have plotted the location on the map, select "Submit new enquiry" to start the form.

If you're using an older browser such as Internet Explorer 10 or earlier, the map might not appear. Try using a newer browser for the best experience.

Page last updated 14 May 2024

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