Report a pest problem at a business

We offer a chargeable service for treating pest problems on business premises.

We do not provide treatment services to businesses that store, process or sell food.


£85 per hour (plus materials and VAT)
£60 per hour (plus materials and VAT) for further visits to resolve the same problem.
£150 minimum surcharge for jobs involving hazardous waste, for example, clinical waste, faeces, used needles.

Please note, commercial pest control prices can be subject to change, for example, if the work was competitively tendered.

Select ‘commercial organisation’ under customer type when using the ‘report a pest’ form.

Reporting rat problems outside your premises

In the report form, please select domestic customer under customer type if you'd like to report a rat problem in the following places:

  • Open land or alleyway
  • A neighbouring property or garden
  • On the highway including shrubbed areas or flowerbeds

Pest control contract service

We also offer pest control contracts to business customers who require a regular service. To find out more, please contact our Pest Control team.

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