What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a material that was used in building work before the year 2000. It was often mixed with cement and can be found in places such as corrugated cement roofs.

Asbestos can cause serious and fatal illnesses.

The Health and Safety Executive has more information about asbestos.

Arrange a collection

We provide a free collection service.

We will collect up to 6 bags of wrapped asbestos from your home. If you have more than this, you will need to contact an independent licensed asbestos disposal company.

We will collect the asbestos cement as long as:

  • it is wrapped and sealed in heavy duty plastic sheeting
  • it is stacked in quantities that two people can handle easily
  • any asbestos cement debris is sealed in double plastic sacks

You can only request this service once in a 6-month period.

You cannot book a specific day for your collection. Leave the wrapped asbestos at the front of your property. We will collect it within 2 weeks.

You will need an online BRUM account to raise this request. Create an account if you do not already have one.

Request asbestos collection

Please note that you cannot take asbestos to a Household Recycling Centre.

Page last updated: 5 October 2022

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