Birmingham City Council financial challenges - time to Reset

To find out more about the budget and section 114 notice, visit our budget information page

Report flyposting

Fly-posting is displaying material such as posters and advertising without permission. Fly-posting is illegal and anyone caught may be prosecuted.

We will remove fly-posting within 5 working days of receiving a request. If the fly-posting is racist or offensive, we will usually remove it within 1 working day.

We may take legal action against those responsible under the Advertisements Regulations by using the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 or the Highways Act 1980.

Reporting guidance

If you want to track progress on your report, you can log in to, or register for, a BRUM account.

Use the map below to start your report. The map will default to a 2 mile radius from Birmingham city centre, and you can:

  • search by entering a post code or road name in the search button (include the property number if known)
  • use the "find my location" circle underneath the zoom tabs to use your current location when making a report
  • use the "plot new enquiry" tab and zoom in to choose the location manually

When you have marked the location on the map, use the "submit new enquiry" tab to begin completing the form.

You can add additional location information within the form once the mapping point has been submitted.

The map may not be displayed if you are using an older version internet browser (such as Internet Explorer 10 or earlier).

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