Erdington Constituency

Results for Erdington Constituency
Candidate Party Votes
Alden, Robert James Cambray The Conservative and Unionist Party 14,119
Dromey, Jack Labour Party 17,720
Garcarz, Wendy Brexit Party 1,441
Grant, Rob Green Party 648
Holtom, Ann Liberal Democrats 1,301
- Rejected Ballot Papers 92


Grand Total 35,321

Turnout: 53.40%
Jack Dromey is elected as Member of Parliament for Erdington
Labour Hold

The Rejected Ballot Papers are accounted for as follows:

(a) Want of official mark 0
(b) Voting for more than one candidate 22
(c) Writing or mark by which voter can be identified 2
(d) Unmarked or void for uncertainty 68
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