Edgbaston Constituency

Results for Edgbaston Constituency
Candidate Party Votes
Gill, Preet Kaur Labour and Co-operative Party 21,217
Green, Colin Francis Liberal Democrats - To stop Brexit 3,349
Simpson, Phil Green Party 1,112
Wilks, David Jonathon Brexit Party 1,047
Yip, Alex The Conservative Party Candidate 15,603
- Rejected Ballot Papers 149


Grand Total 42,477

Turnout: 61.7%
Preet Kaur Gill is elected as Member of Parliament for Edgbaston
Labour Hold

The Rejected Ballot Papers are accounted for as follows:

(a) Want of official mark 0
(b) Voting for more than one candidate 24
(c) Writing or mark by which voter can be identified 0
(d) Unmarked or void for uncertainty 125
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