Customer Service Centre appointments

Vulnerable customers or those with complex financial and housing enquiries will be offered an appointment. 

To make an appointment, call us on 0121 216 3030 between 9am and 5pm.

We aim to give you an appointment within 10 working days, but you may have to wait longer during busy periods.

A home visiting service is available on request for carers and vulnerable customers.

Call 0121 216 3030 to request this service.

Find a Customer Service Centre near you.

Housing benefit and council tax support verification

You can bring your documents to one of our libraries offering this service for verification.

Documents to bring with you

Libraries will only be scanning original documents that have been requested for verification.

Please note you will be asked to place non original documents/copies into the internal post box located in the libraries. This could take longer to process.

It would be quicker to post non original documents to the benefits service or to upload the copies online when you have completed a change of circumstances online form.

Arriving for your appointment

You must arrive on time for your appointment or you may not be seen. To cancel or change your appointment call 0121 216 3030

If you want to talk to us about benefits, find out what documents you need to bring with you.

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