If you are falling behind with your rent payments help is available.  It could save you from putting your home at risk.

Call the Rent Service on 0121 675 2006 and to find out about:

  • How you can access independent debt advice on your money worries
  • Ask about different ways to pay
  • Get a range of other support.

Acting quickly shows a commitment to paying your rent and the legal action to collect your rent debt may not be needed.

Tenants on low incomes may be entitled to Housing Benefit. You can apply for Housing Benefit online or contact the Customer Service Centre to help you apply.

If you are on a low income you may be able to get help with your housing costs. You may qualify for Housing Benefit or Universal Credit. If you are unsure whether to claim Universal Credit or Housing Benefit then you can check here

Please tell us about your circumstances:

If you would like independent debt advice you can also contact the Citizens' Advice Bureau.