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Deductions for adults in the household | Who can get Council Tax Support | Birmingham City Council

Deductions for adults in the household

Council Tax Support entitlement may change if you have other adults (apart from your partner) living with you.

Deductions can be made from the amount of Council Tax Support you get if you share your home with any adults who are not dependant on you – for example, adult children, relatives or friends. These deductions are made because these people should pay something towards your council tax. If you are in this position you may already be aware that these are called non dependant deductions.

The amount deducted from your Council Tax Support entitlement is based on the weekly gross income of the non-dependant.
Non dependant deductions, 2020 Deduction in Council Tax Support
Persons in receipt of Income Support, JSA(IB), ESA(IR) Assessment or Pension Credit, no earned income and Universal Credit Nil
Aged 18 or over and in numerative work  
Gross weekly earned income of:  
gross income: less than £216.99 £4.05
gross income: £217.00 to £376.99 £8.25
gross income: £377.00 to £468.99 £10.35
gross income:£469.00 and above £12.40
Lower Deduction £4.05

If you are experiencing extreme financial difficulty you may be able to get temporary help in certain circumstances.