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Who can get Housing Benefit | Who can get Housing Benefit | Birmingham City Council

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Who can get Housing Benefit

You will only need to claim housing benefit if you:

  • live in supported or temporary accommodation, or
  • are of Pension Credit age or
  • are in receipt of Severe Disability Premium

If your circumstances are not included in the list above then you must claim Universal Credit for help with your rent.

If you are receiving Universal Credit you will still need to make a new claim for Council Tax support

Who can make a Housing Benefit claim

If any of the following apply to you and your partner, then the person specified should make the claim:

  • Your partner is a student, you are not, you should make the claim
  • Your partner comes from an EU state, you are a UK citizen, you should make the claim
  • Your partner does not have recourse to public funds, you should make the claim, but you should consult an immigration adviser before doing so, as this may affect your partner’s immigration status

Qualifying for Housing Benefit

To qualify for housing benefit you must:

  • Live in Birmingham
  • Be liable for rent (including if you are a lodger in occupation), when making a claim, select 'Yes' when asked if you are a tenant, and then state on the form that you are a lodger in occupation
  • Be actually residing in the property
  • Rent your home from a Private Landlord, Local Authority or Registered Social Landlord
  • Not have savings of more than £16,000, unless you have reached the qualifying age for state pension credit

You may also qualify if:

  • You live in a mobile home or houseboat
  • You are renting under a shared ownership scheme
  • You are a boarder whose rent includes meals

If you are not a UK citizen and you have recently arrived in or returned to the UK, you will need to go to your nearest Customer Service Centre to see an advisor. Specialist advice is also available from the Home Office and the Refugee Council.