Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk



Graffiti does nothing to enhance the look and feel of Birmingham. It is also illegal and excessive graffiti can significantly increase peoples' fears of crime and violence.

We aim to:

  • If it is of a racist or otherwise offensive nature we will remove it within 1 working day
  • We will remove graffiti on your home for free - you will need to complete a consent form beforehand
  • We will also remove graffiti from subways and from recycling sites (bottle banks, paper banks and so on) around Birmingham.

To report graffiti in any of these places, use the Request Graffiti Removal button above.

Essential Information
  • Businesses wishing to request graffiti removal from their property should contact the Commercial Waste Section at bdu@birmingham.gov.uk for a quote. We will usually do small jobs (less than 15 minutes) free of charge but bigger jobs will be chargeable.

  • The following, including street signs and bus shelters, are not owned by the council so we are unable to remove graffiti in these places. Please contact the relevant organisation to report graffiti on their property:

    Bus shelters and stops - Centro: 0121 200 2700

    Canal side areas and structures - British Waterways: 0121 200 7400

    Railway property (stations and bridges) - Rail track: 0845 711 4141

    Electricity substations - GPU Power Unit Ltd: 0845 735 3637

    Telephone boxes - BT or Mercury Communications, as identified on the box

    Cable boxes - Company named on the cable box (you will need to note the identification reference on the box)

Frequently Asked Questions
    • We will remove this within 24 hours and you can report this to us using the Request Graffiti Removal button above.

    • We use a mild solvent and high pressure hose. We are unable to remove graffiti on painted surfaces as the treatment process will cause too much damage. We recommend that graffiti on such surfaces is painted out.