Report an animal health and welfare issue

If you’re concerned about how an animal business is being run or believe someone is running an animal business without a licence, report it to us.

Animal health

You must register with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) If you want to keep cattle, sheep, goats or pigs. This applies even if you only keep one animal. You’ll be given a premises number when you register.

​There are laws in place to stop the spread of disease in farm animals. Some diseases such as avian influenza and foot and mouth disease are notifiable and must be reported.

There are also notifiable diseases (e.g. rabies) that affect pet animals . If you’re importing dogs, cats or ferrets into the UK, you must make sure that you comply with importation rules. If you are looking to export a pet and need a health certificate, contact DEFRA for more information

We work with DEFRA who may impose additional restrictions in the event of a disease outbreak.

Report a general animal welfare issue

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