Graffiti removal

What is graffiti?

Graffiti is street art in public places that has not been asked for. It can range from a "tag" or signature to a mural.

All graffiti is criminal damage. There are no designated graffiti sites in Birmingham.

If you find graffiti, you can report it to us. We do not recommend you attempt to remove graffiti yourself.

We do not charge to remove graffiti in most circumstances.

What you should tell us

When you report graffiti to us, tell us:

  • what type of graffiti it is, for example, is it racial, tagging, or does it look professional?
  • where it is, including good location details so we can find it

What happens after you report graffiti

We will remove racial and hate graffiti on the next working day. We will aim to remove other types of graffiti within 7 days.

We will not contact you to tell you that it has been removed.

If the graffiti is above head height, we will have to get specialists to remove it. If the graffiti is on your property, we will contact you, as we may have to charge for this.

Graffiti on business properties

Report it to us.

If it is racial or hate graffiti, we will remove it for free on the next working day.

If it is other graffiti, once you have reported it, you need to contact commercial waste at for a quote and to pay for the removal.

Graffiti that we do not clean

We do not remove graffiti from all areas. The information on this page will help you contact the correct organisation for help.

Inside council housing

To get graffiti removed in areas such as inside council blocks, contact Tenancy Estate Management.

Graffiti in other areas

When graffiti is in these locations, you can contact:

Page last updated: 8 December 2022

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