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How to apply

Apply online

You will need to give us as much detail as possible about your situation in order for us to make a decision regarding your request.

Before we consider awarding a discretionary payment, we will check that you have claimed all other benefits you are entitled to and that they are being paid correctly. We will also look at the information provided on your application form and your personal circumstances. When we have made a decision, we will write and let you know.

As these payments are discretionary, there is no formal right of appeal.  However, you may request reconsideration within one month of the date of the notification letter. A decision can also be looked at again if you give us any new information, if your circumstances change or whenever we consider it to be appropriate.

You can also download the Housing and Council Tax Discretionary payments application form, fill in the sections relevant to your request and return to the address on the form.



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