Apply for a new dropped kerb or extension

Before you apply for a dropped kerb or extension, you must check the following. 

  • Footway crossing installations will only be allowed where the frontage depth is a minimum of 4.75m (to any part of the property, including retaining walls, and so on). See page 1 What is a dropped kerb? Refer to photos for help with measuring.
  • You have checked whether you need planning permission.See page 1 What is a dropped kerb?
  • You have permission from the landlord or owner to park your vehicle on their land or build a driveway
  • If you think you are eligible for a discount you have contacted the dropped kerb team
  • Make sure you have checked your requirements before submitting your application as it may not be possible to alter this after you apply
  • The minimum requirements for an extension is 0.9m. This is the same length of a standard kerb
  • Applications for extensions to existing footway crossings will be considered up to the maximum width allowed (4.5m or 5 lowered kerbs)
  • Slope of hardstanding or driveway within property less than 1 in 10 either up or down

The application fee is £113 and non-refundable. Online payment is required during the application process by debit or credit card. Find out more about making payments online.

Once you have received your quote, you have 9 months to accept and pay in full from the date printed on the letter for the work to be scheduled.

Apply for a dropped kerb: begin now

Page last updated 16 April 2024

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