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Our council tax and benefits online systems and forms may be unavailable on Saturday 21 May between 8am and 2pm due to planned maintenance. Details of how to offer support to Ukraine residents fleeing war, and where to find information and advice are on our City of Sanctuary webpage

What will my dropped kerb look like?

Dropped kerbs are constructed using grasscrete, tarmac, slabs, block paving or concrete. The vast majority are dropped kerbs constructed in tarmac, although we will choose materials and kerbs to match the majority of other dropped kerbs already in the road.

Different types of dropped kerb style

Photograph of dropped kerb with dipped kerbs

Dipped style dropped kerb

Photo of dropped kerb in radius style

Radius style dropped kerb

Photo showing dropped kerb quadrant style

Quadrant style dropped kerb

A footway crossing will not be allowed where the parking area is of greater gradient than 1 in 10 (10%). This could cause difficulties for the driver entering and exiting the driveway, and reduce the visibility of pedestrians and vehicles on the highway. These gradients can also cause some vehicles to catch on the ground causing damage to both the vehicle and the highway.

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