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Application requirements

It is illegal for water to flow from a private property across the pavement on to the road. When the application is approved, you must construct a suitable permeable hardstanding/driveway before any work to the dropped kerb is undertaken by the council. Permeable hardstanding means surfaces such as porous tarmac/concrete, slab or block paving.

If you intend to have a loose gravel driveway you must put measures in place to ensure the gravel is retained and is not able to spread across the pavement or road.

For further guidance please see the planning pre-application advice page.

If you have concerns about parking issues or driveway obstructions please consider applying for a white line (an advisory ‘H’ marking) or disabled bay markings to highlight a driveway access and deter obstruction by vehicles.

Successful dropped kerb applications will:

  • Not endanger or obstruct traffic, such as at busy corners or near junctions
  • Be constructed using a similar material to that in the surrounding area e.g. tarmac, slabs or block paving
  • Meet the standard minimum width of 2.75m at the property boundary and 4.5m at kerb edge.

An application will be rejected if:

  • There is less than 4.75m from back of footway to front of building. Driveways on smaller frontages will not be granted permission as overhanging vehicles may cause obstructions.
  • There is a healthy, well established tree in close proximity, or is subject to a preservation order.
  • You do not have planning permission or permission from the property owner, if required.

Additional requirements

If you do not own the land where the dropped kerb is to be installed, please ensure you have written approval from the freeholder before completing the form. The application fee is non-refundable.

Birmingham City Council housing tenants

You must have written permission from your local housing officer prior to applying for a dropped kerb.

Housing association tenants

You must have written permission from your housing association.

Privately rented or leased accommodation tenants

You must have written permission from your landlord.

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