Report an illegally parked vehicle

Illegal parking

Civil Enforcement Officers are deployed every day throughout the city to all areas, with busier locations being visited more frequently. Patrols to areas are made on different days, at varying times of the day and night in order to ensure that parking restrictions are being adhered to and Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) are issued where this is not the case.

Some restrictions apply 24 hours, 7 days a week. Others only apply certain days of the week and/or certain times of the day. Signs should indicate the hours of restriction if they do not apply 24 hours.

You must check that the vehicle you are reporting is actually parking during the relevant hours of the restriction. Parking outside of the restricted hours is permitted.

A vehicle displaying a valid blue badge and clock is allowed to park on yellow lines for up to 3 hours, unless there are kerb markings indicating that this is not permitted.

You can use our online form to:

  • report vehicles being parked where restrictions apply
  • report drivers misusing blue badges to obtain free or advantageous parking

Where relevant we will investigate your report and arrange for an officer to attend the location, though this may not happen immediately. Your contact details (if supplied) will only be used if we require any further information but you will not receive an update on any action taken.

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Inconsiderate parking

Any vehicle may be parked on a public road where there are no restrictions, even if this is outside your property. Where a vehicle has been parked inconsiderately, as opposed to illegally, we are unable to take any action.

It is not illegal for vehicles to:

  • park in turning circles
  • park immediately before or after a dropped kerb
  • park opposite a dropped kerb or driveway entrance
  • take up too much space
  • park in other inconsiderate ways.

Page last updated: 26 September 2023

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