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How long will it take? | Apply for a dropped kerb | Birmingham City Council

How long will it take?


Once you have paid your application fee, we will arrange for the area outside your property to be inspected. You do not need to be home when the inspection takes place. You can contact us to ask for the inspector to call you before visiting.


After the inspection has taken place, we expect to provide you with a quote within 20 working days. If additional works are required, such as trees, utility apparatus or street furniture need moving, this will increase the time taken to provide your quote.

Once you have received your quote, you have 6 months to accept and pay in full from the date printed on the letter for the work to be scheduled. After this time the quote will no longer be valid and you will need to reapply, including payment again of the application fee.


We expect to complete installation of a standard dropped kerb within 12 weeks of receiving full payment of an accepted quote. Non-standard works may take longer, and we will advise you of this with the quote.