Wards beginning with S

Shard End
Candidates Party Votes
Alden John Edward Cambray The Conservative Party Candidate 371
Andrews Mark David Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 28
Barber Christopher Francis Liberal Democrat 66
Harrison Michael John Green Party 61
Scroggie James Patrick - 61
Ward Ian Antony Labour Party 911
- Rejected Ballot Papers 8
- TOTAL 1506

This represents a majority of 540 for Antony Ian Ward
Labour Party GAIN

Electorate: 8383
Turnout: 17.99%

Sparkbrook and Balsall Heath East
Candidates Party Votes
Abedin Md Joynal Liberal Democrat 201
Azim Mohammed Labour Party 4257
Green Roxanne Green Party 237
Hussain Shabrana Labour Party 3950
Nowshed Abu Conservative Party Candidate 701
Singh Satwinder Liberal Democrat 159
Sweet Mohammed Choudhury Conservative Party Candidate 665
- Rejected Ballot Papers 40

Mohammed Azim and Shabrana Hussain
Labour Party GAIN

Electorate: 15457
Turnout: 35.69%

Candidates Party Votes
Ali Suhel Conservative Party Candidate 452
Collins Bob Labour Party 900
Harrison Kevin Green Party 131
Larden Julia Labour Party 880
Psirides Nicholas Conservative Party Candidate 474
Tilsley Paul Calvin Liberal Democrat 2565
Ward Mike Liberal Democrat 2342
- Rejected Ballot Papers 14

Paul Calvin Tilsley and Mike Ward
Liberal Democrat GAIN

Electorate: 14267
Turnout: 28.92%

Small Heath
Candidates Party Votes
Ahmed Shaaky Independent 604
Akhtar Pervez Conservative Party Candidate 547
Akhtar Safia Alif Noor Labour Party 3196
Clawley Hazel Marjorie Green Party 149
Khan Shaukat Ali Liberal Democrat 1738
Khan Zaheer Labour Party 3270
Moynihan Gerry Liberal Democrat 1017
Uddin Kabir Conservative Party Candidate 655
- Rejected Ballot Papers 35

Zaheer Khan and Safia Alif Noor Akhtar
Labour Party GAIN

Electorate: 13247
Turnout: 44.54%

Soho and Jewellery Quarter
Candidates Party Votes
Choudhury Janatul Thamanna Conservative Party Candidate 644
Dennis Kefentse Green Party 272
Hardy Gareth Andrew Liberal Democrat 566
Islam Mohammed Kaisarul Conservative Party Candidate 460
Lal Chaman Labour Party 2365
Maxwell Richard William Liberal Democrat 373
Spence Sybil Labour Party 2097
- Rejected Ballot Papers 6

Chaman Lal and Sybil Spence
Labour Party GAIN

Electorate: 13929
Turnout: 27.32%

South Yardley
Candidates Party Votes
Axford Susan The Conservative Party Candidate 344
Choudhry Zaker Ullah Liberal Democrat 1507
Garghan Christopher Green Party 43
Welburn David Arthur Labour Party 601
- Rejected Ballot Papers 9
- TOTAL 2504

for Zaker Ullah Choudhry
Liberal Democrat GAIN

Electorate: 7173
Turnout: 34.91%

Candidates Party Votes
Brennan Nicky Labour Party 2971
Choudhry Tanveer Liberal Democrat 1295
Fazal Mohammed Labour Party 3140
Hussain Tassawar Liberal Democrat 1178
Mohammed Murad Conservative Party Candidate 453
Talukder Mohammed Zia Uddin Conservative Party Candidate 440
- Rejected Ballot Papers 23

Mohammed Fazal and Nicky Brennan
Labour Party GAIN

Electorate: 13222
Turnout: 38.56%

Candidates Party Votes
Banting Philip Andrew Liberal Democrat 141
Lawrence Reuben Birmingham Worker 45
Locke Mary Labour and Co-operative Party 1856
Stanton Elly Green Party 155
Williams Owen Vaughan The Conservative Party Candidate 576
- Rejected Ballot Papers 7
- TOTAL 2780

This represents a majority of 1280 for Mary Locke
Labour and Co-operative Party GAIN

Electorate: 7133
Turnout: 39.10%

Stockland Green
Candidates Party Votes
Harmer Joseph Benjamin Liberal Democrat 238
Holbrook Penny Labour Party 2536
Jones Josh Labour Party 2259
Kayani Mohammad Shahnawaz Conservative Party Candidate 726
Mehmood Asif Conservative Party Candidate 686
Syed Riz Liberal Democrat 149
Woodley Ted Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 127
- Rejected Ballot Papers 14

Penny Holbrook and Josh Jones
Labour Party GAIN

Electorate: 14723
Turnout: 25.32%

Sutton Four Oaks
Candidates Party Votes
Barley Roger Labour Party 340
Cornish Maureen The Conservative Party Candidate 1957
Nunan Fiona Green Party 100
Willett David Michael Liberal Democrat 141
- Rejected Ballot Papers 20
- TOTAL 2558

This represents a majority of 1617 for Maureen Cornish
The Conservative Party GAIN

Electorate: 7574
Turnout: 33.79%

Sutton Mere Green
Candidates Party Votes
Brindley Ian Labour Party 462
Jenkins Meirion The Conservative Party Candidate 2062
Mayner Jonny Liberal Democrat 194
Ratcliff David Martin Green Party 153
- Rejected Ballot Papers 19
- TOTAL 2890

This represents a majority of 1600 for Meirion Jenkins
The Conservative Party GAIN

Electorate: 8028
Turnout: 36.04%

Sutton Reddicap
Candidates Party Votes
Cotterill Stewart James UK Independence Party (UKIP) 111
Cotterill Timothy James Liberal Democrat 121
Hodivala Charlotte The Conservative Party Candidate 1008
Preston Judy Labour Party 537
- Rejected Ballot Papers 17
- TOTAL 1794

This represents a majority of 471 for Charlotte Hodivala
The Conservative Party GAIN

Electorate: 7430
Turnout: 24.15%

Sutton Roughley
Candidates Party Votes
Greaves Will Green Party 140
Mackey Ewan The Conservative Party Candidate 1809
Potter Kate Liberal Democrat 215
Tomlinson Paul Labour Party 521
- Rejected Ballot Papers 10
- TOTAL 2695

This represents a majority of 1288 for Ewan Mackey
The Conservative Party GAIN

Electorate: 8501
Turnout: 31.70%

Sutton Trinity
Candidates Party Votes
French Peter Robert Labour Party 593
Madden Sean Green Party 124
Pears David The Conservative Party Candidate 1355
Wilkinson Jenny Liberal Democrat 299
- Rejected Ballot Papers 7
- TOTAL 2378

This represents a majority of 762 for David Pears
The Conservative Party GAIN

Electorate: 7559
Turnout: 31.46%

Sutton Vesey
Candidates Party Votes
Cairns Janet Conservative Party Candidate 2354
Gibson Matthew James Liberal Democrat 271
Khalid Mohammed Liberal Democrat 110
Marriott Colin Green Party 297
Passey Louise Conservative Party Candidate 2182
Pocock Rob Labour Party 3377
Scott Kath Labour Party 2458
- Rejected Ballot Papers 32

Rob Pocock and Kath Scott
Labour Party GAIN

Electorate: 15265
Turnout: 38.84%

Sutton Walmley and Minworth
Candidates Party Votes
Auton Ben Green Party 336
Barrie David Stuart Conservative Party Candidate 2445
Cooke David Liberal Democrat 236
Coxall Katy Labour Party 696
Finnegan Paul Labour Party 574
Garrington James Austin Liberal Democrat 179
O'Hagan David Michael Independents for Sutton 646
Wood Ken Conservative Party Candidate 1869
- Rejected Ballot Papers 13

David Stuart Barrie and Ken Wood
Conservative Party GAIN

Electorate: 12799 Turnout: 29.41%

Sutton Wylde Green
Candidates Party Votes
Challenor Zoe Green Party 142
Johnson Terry Labour Party 644
Spencer John Malcolm Liberal Democrat 162
Yip Alex The Conservative Party Candidate 1806
- Rejected Ballot Papers 19
- TOTAL 2773

This represents a majority of 1162 for Alex Yip
The Conservative Party GAIN

Electorate: 7369
Turnout: 37.63%

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