Wards beginning P to R

Perry Barr
Candidates Party Votes
Coffey Janet May Conservative Party Candidate 361
Hanif Mohammed Labour Party 1887
Hunt Jon Liberal Democrat Focus Team 2957
Jan Morriam Liberal Democrat Focus Team 2398
Kaur Sukhi Labour Party 1662
Rashid Tariq Conservative Party Candidate 190
Ward Corinthia Joy Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 78
- Rejected Ballot Papers 11

John Hunt and Morriam Jan
Liberal Democrat Focus Team GAIN

Electorate: 14273
Turnout: 35.68%

Perry Common
Candidates Party Votes
Allsop Stephen Richard Liberal Democrat 84
Beauchamp Bob The Conservative Party Candidate 1007
Ward Anita Labour and Co-operative Party 955
- Rejected Ballot Papers 10
- TOTAL 2056

This represents a majority of 52 for Bob Beauchamp
The Conservative Party GAIN

Electorate: 7572
Turnout: 27.15%

Pype Hayes
Candidates Party Votes
Bentley John Green Party 58
Holtom Ann Liberal Democrat 109
Sharpe Michael John Labour Party 851
Welch Clifton Frederick The Conservative Party Candidate 835
- Rejected Ballot Papers 3
- TOTAL 1856

This represents a majority of 16 for John Michael Sharpe
Labour Party GAIN

Electorate: 7465
Turnout: 24.88%

Candidates Party Votes
Bolton James Green Party 344
Booth Kate Labour and Co-operative Party 2332
Chandler Georgina Conservative Party Candidate 2206
Clancy John Michael Labour and Co-operative Party 2307
Garrett Julia Franceska Liberal Democrat 343
Okello Rachel Judith Conservative Party Candidate 1919
Walker Joanna Mary Liberal Democrat 146
- Rejected Ballot Papers 7

Kate Booth and John Michael Clancy
Labour and Co-operative Party GAIN

Electorate: 14997
Turnout: 34.01%

Rubery and Rednal
Candidates Party Votes
Ball Robert Green Party 89
Delaney Adrian Joseph The Conservative Party Candidate 969
Griffiths Carole Lesley Labour Party 706
Hannon Kevin Francis Liberal Democrat 52
- Rejected Ballot Papers 3
- TOTAL 1819

This represents a majority of 263 for Adrian Joseph Delaney
The Conservative Party GAIN

Electorate: 7086
Turnout: 25.67%

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