Wards beginning H to K

Hall Green North
Candidate Party Votes
Ahmed Akhlaq Labour Party 2989
Courage Gareth Green Party 341
Harvey Bob Independent 1098
Hussain Tukeer Conservative Party Candidate 529
Robson Lou Labour Party 2922
Singh Sohan Conservative Party Candidate 687
Spruce Andrew James Liberal Democrat 386
Spruce Stephanie Louise Liberal Democrat 345
- Rejected Ballot Papers 12

Akhlaq Ahmed and Lou Robson
Labour Party GAIN

Electorate: 15256
Turnout: 33.44%

Hall Green South
Candidate Party Votes
Evans Jerry Liberal Democrat 154
Grant Ulla Green Party 124
Huxtable Tim The Conservative Party Candidate 1744
Khan Changese Labour and Co-operative Party 885
- Rejected Ballot Papers 9
- TOTAL 2916

This represents a majority of 859 for Tim Huxtable
The Conservative Party GAIN

Electorate: 7860
Turnout: 37.10%

Candidate Party Votes
Douglas Kingsley Seymour Liberal Democrat 80
Green Susan Green Party 146
Quinnen Hendrina Labour Party 1726
Rahman Enam-Ur Abu Sala Mohammed The Conservative Party Candidate 455
- Rejected Ballot Papers 10
- TOTAL 2417

This represents a majority of 1271 for Hendrina Quinnen
Labour Party GAIN

Electorate: 7035
Turnout: 34.36%

Handsworth Wood
Candidate Party Votes
Aathouli-Singh PG Independent 64
Ali Rizwan Liberal Democrat 200
Atwal Gurdial Singh Labour Party 2509
Chumber Ravi Conservative Party Candidate 679
Fairclough Eric Wyn Green Party 283
Jenkins Rachel Mary Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 134
Jolliffe Nicholas Mabin Liberal Democrat 245
Kooner Narinder Kaur Labour Party 2606
White Steve Conservative Party Candidate 693
- Rejected Ballot Papers 8

Gurdial Singh Atwal and Narinder Kaur Kooner
Labour Party GAIN

Electorate: 13793
Turnout: 30.09%

Candidate Party Votes
Fowler Peter John Conservative Party Candidate 2533
Francis Jayne Labour Party 2623
Garrett Ian Anthony George Liberal Democrat 646
Green Colin Francis Liberal Democrat 657
Meghani Sundip Labour Party 2061
Sidhu Akaal Conservative Party Candidate 2390
Simpson Phil Green Party 650
- Rejected Ballot Papers 16

Jayne Francis Labour Party GAIN
Peter John Fowler Conservative Party GAIN

Electorate: 15826
Turnout: 38.60%

Candidate Party Votes
Assheton Janet Green Party 59
Hussain Aftab Independent 234
Mahmood Faisal Liberal Democrat 166
Shah Shafique Labour Party 2136
Storer Mary The Conservative Party Candidate 111
- Rejected Ballot Papers 22
- TOTAL 2728

This represents a majority of 1902 for Shafique Shah
Labour Party GAIN

Electorate: 7235
Turnout: 37.71%

Highters Heath
Candidate Party Votes
Bowles Barry Labour Party 709
Higgs Adam Andrew The Conservative Party Candidate 1362
Jerome Kirsty Anne Liberal Democrat 57
Thomas Clare Green Party 79
- Rejected Ballot Papers 6
- TOTAL 2213

This represents a majority of 653 for Adam Andrew Higgs
The Conservative Party GAIN

Electorate: 7856
Turnout: 28.17%

Candidate Party Votes
Ahmed Foysol Liberal Democrat 257
Ahmed Mujakkir The Conservative Party Candidate 436
Hamilton Paulette Adassa Labour Party 1646
- Rejected Ballot Papers 27
- TOTAL 2366

This represents a majority of 1210 for Paulette Adassa Hamilton
Labour Party GAIN

Electorate: 6858
Turnout: 34.50%

Kings Norton
Candidate Party Votes
Aitken Alex Labour Party 1341
Jevon Simon David Alan The Conservative Party Candidate 1237
Peace Brian Alec Liberal Democrat 95
- Rejected Ballot Papers 21
- TOTAL 2694

This represents a majority of 104 for Alex Aitken
Labour Party GAIN

Electorate: 7716
Turnout: 34.93%

Kings Norton South
Candidate Party Votes
Griffiths Peter Labour Party 1015
Lloyd Peter James Liberal Democrat 106
Wood Barbara Iris The Conservative Party Candidate 843
- Rejected Ballot Papers 6
- TOTAL 1970

This represents a majority of 172 for Peter GRIFFITHS
Labour GAIN

Electorate: 7793
Turnout: 25.28%

Candidate Party Votes
Hughes Des Labour Party 1465
Jones Jane Labour Party 1459
Mendez Violaine Liberal Democrat 97
Perrott James Liberal Democrat 89
Sambrook Gary William Conservative Party Candidate 1745
Storer Ron Conservative Party Candidate 1577
- Rejected Ballot Papers 14

Gary William Sambrook and Ron Storer
Conservative Party GAIN

Electorate: 14043
Turnout: 23.69%

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