Wards beginning L to O

Candidates Party Votes
Bore Albert Labour Party 1631
Dargue Lee James Liberal Democrat 340
Hartley Kath Labour Party 1639
Jones Robert Green Party 342
Lambert Stephen James Liberal Democrat 278
Morris Kenneth Oliver Conservative Party Candidate 489
Qazi Nayaz Ahmed Omar Conservative Party Candidate 388
- Rejected Ballot Papers 10

Kath Hartley and Albert Bore
Labour Party GAIN

Electorate: 13399
Turnout: 20.39%

Longbridge and West Heath
Candidates Party Votes
Clancy Debbie Conservative Party Candidate 2174
Corrigan Carmel Labour Party 1863
Duffy Hubert Joseph Liberal Democrat 101
Knight Graham Conservative Party Candidate 1911
O'Reilly Brett Labour Party 1925
Pearce Susan Green Party 290
Whorwood James Edward Liberal Democrat 89
- Rejected Ballot Papers 9

Debbie Clancy Conservative Party GAIN
Brett O'Reilly GAIN

Electorate: 15090
Turnout: 29.00%

Candidates Party Votes
Hussain Moshud Sadek Liberal Democrat 395
Khalique Abdul The Conservative Party Candidate 745
Zaffar Waseem Labour Party 2071
- Rejected Ballot Papers 13
- TOTAL 3224

This represents a majority of 1326 for Waseem Zaffar
Labour Party GAIN

Electorate: 6992
Turnout: 46.11%

Candidates Party Votes
Farrow David Arthur Liberal Democrat 1494
Jenkins Kerry Shaunna Labour Party 3123
Knowles Izzy Liberal Democrat 2211
O'Callaghan Dominic Bernard Paul Hutton Conservative Party Candidate 547
Straker Welds Martin Gladstone Labour Party 3114
Turner John Robert Conservative Party Candidate 579
Xerri-Brooks Rachel Ruana Green Party 608
- Rejected Ballot Papers 10

Kerry Shauna Jenkins and Martin Gladstone Straker Welds
Labour Party GAIN

Electorate: 16016
Turnout: 38.87%

Candidates Party Votes
Ali Tahir Labour Party 1237
Iqbal Shazad Liberal Democrat 123
Shastri-Hurst Neil The Conservative Party Candidate 164
- Rejected Ballot Papers 18
- TOTAL 1542

This represents a majority of 1073 for Ali TAHIR
Labour Party GAIN

Electorate: 6618
Turnout: 23.30%

North Edgbaston
Candidates Party Votes
Bellavia Gino Independent 227
Hilton Edward Patrick Liberal Democrat 180
Hood Jonathan Paul Liberal Democrat 241
Padda Raj Conservative Party Candidate 962
Rice Carl Joseph Labour Party 2854
Sidhu Dal Conservative Party Candidate 1254
Thompson Sharon Labour Party 2383
- Rejected Ballot Papers 14

Carl Joseph Rice and Sharon Thompson
Labour Party GAIN

Electorate: 14013
Turnout: 32.38%

Candidates Party Votes
Ahmed Sultan Liberal Democrat 76
Islam Ziaul Labour Party 1319
Jaddoo Desmond Gustavus The Conservative Party Candidate 310
- Rejected Ballot Papers 17
- TOTAL 1722

This represents a majority of 1009 for Ziaul Islam
Labour Party GAIN

Electorate: 6081
Turnout: 28.32%

Candidates Party Votes
Armstrong Olly Labour Party 1635
Brew Randal Anthony Maddock The Conservative Party Candidate 1257
Moles Andrew William Liberal Democrat 81
Okole Anne Margaret Green Party 84
- Rejected Ballot Papers 7
- TOTAL 3064

This represents a majority of 378 for Olly Armstrong
Labour Party GAIN

Electorate: 8125
Turnout: 37.81%

Candidates Party Votes
Coffey Tom Conservative Party Candidate 1407
Dring Barbara Labour Party 1705
Eyles Harry Green Party 132
Fullylove Andrew James Liberal Democrat 147
Hunt Marcia Liberal Democrat 131
Leung Leona Conservative Party Candidate 1245
Linnecor Keith William Labour Party 1794
- Rejected Ballot Papers 12

Barbara Dring and Keith William Linnecor
Labour Party GAIN

Electorate: 14326
Turnout: 24.71%

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