Wards beginning C to G

Castle Vale
Candidate Party Votes
Clinton Lynda Labour Party 640
Holtom Trevor Liberal Democrat 35
Sucilla O'Sullivan Kris Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 34
Webb Suzanne The Conservative Party Candidate 731
- Rejected Ballot Papers 5
- TOTAL 1445

This represents a majority of 91 for Suzanne WEBB
The Conservative Party GAIN

Electorate: 6733
Turnout: 21.46%

Druids Heath and Monyhull
Candidate Party Votes
Brittain Ben Ashley The Conservative Party Candidate 688
Cox Emily Rohaise Liberal Democrat 27
Pritchard Julien Green Party 1201
Quinn Victoria Labour Party 725
- Rejected Ballot Papers 5
- TOTAL 2646

Julien Pritchard
Green Party GAIN

Electorate: 7875
Turnout: 33.60%

Candidate Party Votes
Alden Deirdre Conservative Party Candidate 2067
Bennett Matt Conservative Party Candidate 1969
Bernasconi Marcus Labour Party 1470
Chamberlain Daniel Murray Liberal Democrat 259
Nettle Alexander Green Party 279
Nolan Jenny Labour Party 1571
Scott Jamie Christian Liberal Democrat 222
- Rejected Ballot Papers 9

Deirdre Alden and Matt Bennett
Conservative Party GAIN

Electorate: 11606
Turnout: 35.36%

Candidate Party Votes
Alden Robert James Cambray Conservative Party Candidate 2727
Collins Rebecca Green Party 259
Hooper Vic Labour and Co-operative Party 1837
Hunt Tom Liberal Democrat 126
Moore Gareth Raymond Conservative Party Candidate 2456
Reilly Callum Lewis Liberal Democrat 132
Smyth Dee Labour and Co-operative Party 1666
- Rejected Ballot Papers 10

Robert James Cambray Alden and Gareth Moore
Conservative Party GAIN

Electorate: 14147
Turnout: 34.35%

Frankley Great Park
Candidate Party Votes
Cartwright Andrew Labour Party 904
Jerome Gerard Liberal Democrat 78
Morrall Simon The Conservative Party Candidate 1019
- Rejected Ballot Papers 11
- TOTAL 2012

This represents a majority of 115 for Simon MORRALL
The Conservative Party GAIN

Electorate: 8090
Turnout: 24.87%

Garretts Green
Candidate Party Votes
Conn Simon Elliot The Conservative Party Candidate 151
Jones Carol Liberal Democrat 824
Miah Saddak Labour Party 961
- Rejected Ballot Papers 4
- TOTAL 1940

This represents a majority of 92 for Saddak Miah
Labour Party GAIN

Electorate: 6930
Turnout: 27.99%

Glebe Farm and Tile Cross
Candidate Party Votes
Bridle Marje Labour Party 2302
Clayton Paul Independent 366
Cotton John Labour Party 2102
Gasson Rosemary Elisabeth Conservative Party Candidate 518
Rahman Rafiqur Liberal Democrat 256
Rehman Shamsur Liberal Democrat 244
Robinson Fergus David Conservative Party Candidate 456
- Rejected Ballot Papers 16

Marje Bridle and John Cotton
Labour Party GAIN

Electorate: 15106
Turnout: 22.43%

Gravelly Hill
Candidate Party Votes
Brown Mick Labour and Co-operative Party 1238
Mills Philip David Liberal Democrat 133
Nawaz Luqmaan The Conservative Party Candidate 297
- Rejected Ballot Papers 7
- TOTAL 1670

This represents a majority of 941 for Mick Brown
Labour and Co-operative Party GAIN

Electorate: 6708
Turnout: 24.94%

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