Wards beginning A to B

Acocks Green
Candidate Party Votes
Ali Wajad Conservative Party Candidate 525
Baker Amanda Caroline Green Party 201
Flynn Eamonn Kevin Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 71
Harmer Roger Kingdon Liberal Democrat 1857
O'Shea John Labour Party 2249
Wagg Penny Liberal Democrat 1737
Watson Luke Conservative Party Candidate 329
Williams Fiona Labour Party 1521
- Rejected Ballot Papers 11

John O'Shea Labour Party GAIN
Roger Kingdon Harmer Liberal Democrat Party GAIN

Electorate: 16028
Turnout: 29.22%

- -
Allens Cross
Candidate Party Votes
Beck Peter Charles Green Party 52
Bedser Steve Labour and Co-operative Party 974
Fielden Claire Alexandra Liberal Democrat 63
Freeman Eddie The Conservative Party 1023
Rodgers Dick Common Good 72
- Rejected Ballot Papers 5
- TOTAL 2189

This represents a majority of 49 for Eddie Freeman
The Conservative Party GAIN

Electorate: 7541
Turnout: 29.03%

- -
Alum Rock
Candidate Party Votes
Brookes-Bland Conservative Party Candidate 215
Idrees Mohammed Labour Party 4910
Khan Amil Conservative Party Candidate 214
Khan Mariam Labour Party 4464
Lister Thomas Liberal Democrat 296
Ross Colin Liberal Democrat 187
-/td> Rejected Ballot Papers 36

Mohammed Idrees and Mariam Khan
Labour Party GAIN

Electorate: 15610
Turnout: 36.87%

- -
Candidate Party Votes
Afzal Muhammad Labour Party 2902
Aziz Abdul Independent 1134
Bennett Margaret Sandra Conservative Party Candidate 328
Choudhury Jahid Ahmed Conservative Party Candidate 891
Kauser Nagina Labour Party 2793
Khan Ayoub Liberal Democrat 2252
Rana Vijay Green Party 160
Uddin Sham Liberal Democrat 1546
- Rejected Ballot Papers 21

Muhammad Afzal and Nagina Kauser
Labour Party GAIN

Electorate: 14221
Turnout: 44.06%

- -
Balsall Heath West
Candidate Party Votes
Fazel Ali The Conservative Party Candidate 139
Guest Martin John Green Party 98
Ibrahem Sammi Birmingham Worker 156
Issa Islam Ahmed Liberal Democrat 204
Malik Zhor Labour Party 1938
- Rejected Ballot Papers 35
- TOTAL 2570

This represents a majority of 1734 for Zhor Malik
Labour Party GAIN

Electorate: 7155
Turnout: 35.95%

Bartley Green
Candidate Party Votes
Lines Bruce John Conservative Party Candidate 2627
Lines John Conservative Party Candidate 2626
Osborne David Liberal Democrat 113
Osborne Maureen Ada Liberal Democrat 110
Preston Paul Labour Party 1296
Robertson James Green Party 188
Shemmans Joanne Labour Party 1197
- Rejected Ballot Papers 5

Bruce John Lines and John Lines
Conservative Party GAIN

Electorate: 15666
Turnout: 27.14%

Candidate Party Votes
Davis Phil Labour Party 2537
Gaussen David Green Party 139
Grant Robert Andrew Green Party 232
Huxley Tom Conservative Party Candidate 2037
James Jane Conservative Party Candidate 2035
Morrow Alan Liberal Democrat 220
Seymour-Smith Lucy Emma Labour Party 2309
Wagg Philip Richard Charles Liberal Democrat 110
- Rejected Ballot Papers 15

Phil Davis and Lucy Emma Seymour-Smith
Labour Party GAIN

Electorate: 14228
Turnout: 35.30%

Candidate Party Votes
Billah Rezaul Liberal Democrat 155
Hussain Mahmood Labour Party 1905
Khan Raja Shahpal The Conservative Party Candidate 217
- Rejected Ballot Papers 15
- TOTAL 2292

This represents a majority of 1688 for Mahmood Hussain
Labour Party GAIN

Electorate: 6929
Turnout: 33.08%

Candidate Party Votes
Clements Liz Labour Party 2809
Douglas Osborn Peter Ernest Conservative Party Candidate 1899
Grindrod Fred Labour Party 2505
Hammond Claire Marie Green Party 371
Masters Anna Green Party 410
Radcliffe David Stephen Liberal Democrat 284
Sealey Rob Conservative Party Candidate 2065
Stimpson Timothy Matthew Liberal Democrat 194
Walder Clive Richard Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 41
- Rejected Ballot Papers 11

Liz Clements and Fred Grindrod
Labour Party GAIN

Electorate: 13643
Turnout: 40.14%

Bordesley and Highgate
Candidate Party Votes
Iliff Daniel James Liberal Democrat 120
Jenkins Tom Green Party 90
Mackey Julia The Conservative Party Candidate 113
Mosquito Yvonne Maria Labour Party 1176
- Rejected Ballot Papers 13
- TOTAL 1512

This represents a majority of 1056 for Yvonne Maria Mosquito
Labour Party GAIN

Electorate: 6908
Turnout: 21.87%

Bordesley Green
Candidate Party Votes
Clawley Alan Green Party 84
Rashid Chauhdry Labour Party 1664
Saeed Mohammed Liberal Democrat 540
Tifow Ayan The Conservative Party Candidate 109
- Rejected Ballot Papers 23
- TOTAL 2420

This represents a majority of 1124 for Rashid Chauhdry
Labour Party GAIN

Electorate: 7106
Turnout: 34.06%

Bournbrook and Selly Park
Candidate Party Votes
Calcutt Jake Liberal Democrat 476
Gillan Angus Fraser Conservative Party Candidate 411
Hardie Monica Catherine Conservative Party Candidate 423
Jones Brigid Labour and Co-operative Party 1884
Kiff Alice Jean Green Party 266
Mabbett Benjamin Green Party 123
McCarthy Karen Teresa Labour and Co-operative Party 1773
Thornton Sophie Liberal Democrat 413
Witts Sam Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 82
- Rejected Ballot Papers 16

Brigid Jones and Karen Teresa McCarthy
Labour and Co-operative Party GAIN

Electorate: 12732
Turnout: 24.14%

Brandwood and Kings Heath
Candidate Party Votes
Burgess Chris Liberal Democrat 479
Cox Patrick Green Party 658
Cremer Katherine Birmingham Worker 95
Franks Gordon John Conservative Party Candidate 1122
Gilliam Rob Liberal Democrat 293
Kaya Julie Green Party 392
Leddy Mike Labour Party 3350
Mackenzie-Lawrie Joshua Duncan Conservative Party Candidate 829
Murray Bill Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 78
Trickett Lisa Labour Party 3395
- Rejected Ballot Papers 19

Lisa Trickett and Mike Leddy
Labour Party GAIN

Electorate: 14235
Turnout: 40.13%

Bromford and Hodge Hill
Candidate Party Votes
Donaldson Diane Labour Party 2435
Mahmood Majid Labour Party 2569
Mehmood Asad Liberal Democrat 254
Neilly Gwyn Liberal Democrat 424
Rahman Aminur Conservative Party Candidate 721
Tudor Bogdan Conservative Party Candidate 617
- Rejected Ballot Papers 12

Majid Mahmood and Diane Donaldson
Labour Party GAIN

Electorate: 13838
Turnout: 28.41%

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