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Reporting changes online

Report a change on Benefits Online

You must continue to the end of the form to complete your submission.

Details already entered on the form can be saved if you can not finish it all at once. You can return to a saved form within 14 days. You will not be able to retrieve a saved form after 14 days.

To report changes online you will need your:

  • National Insurance number
  • current benefit claim reference
  • email address

If you provide an email address, we will send you confirmation that your form has been submitted. Providing your current benefit claim reference helps us process your form more quickly.

When completing your form, make sure your contact details such as your mobile telephone number are up to date. Making sure your contact details are up to date helps us provide a better service.

Your online benefit claim form will tell you what evidence to provide. You can upload evidence when prompted by the form. For most claims we do not require further evidence for the claim to be made.

Where possible we will use evidence you have previously supplied to us or evidence you have provided to claim other benefits. If we have requested evidence that you were not able to upload with your form, you can upload it on our website. If you are not able to upload your evidence, follow the guidance below:

Our libraries no longer accept benefits documentation.

If you are making a claim for Council Tax Support only and you currently claim Universal Credit you do not need to provide us documents through the post.

If you are required to post evidence this should be sent to the address below:

Benefit Service
Birmingham City Council
PO Box 8267
B4 7XF

Page last updated: 2 October 2023

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