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Financial assistance grants from the Loxton Trust

Loxton Trust is a charity that is managed by Birmingham City Council through a panel of internal and external trustees.

The trust was set up to provide financial assistance in the form of goods and services for those in financial hardship.

The sort of help that can be given is limited to the following:

  • electrical items/white goods
  • furniture
  • other equipment needed to support hospital discharge or support the adult to remain in their own home for as long as possible.

Who can apply?

Applications must come from a social worker or student social worker employed by or working for the Birmingham City Council. We cannot accept applications from other sources.

Beneficiaries of the Trust must be resident within the Birmingham area.

The trust is limited to offering assistance to adults.

Due to the limitations of the scheme, we are unable to accept applications on behalf of children or those supported by Birmingham Children’s Trust.

  • we will prioritise applications in age order, starting with the oldest adult
  • grants will be limited to the provision of 2 items per application
  • we cannot accept repeat applications for the same goods and services for items previously applied for
  • the trust does not provide cash or pay for certain items - refer to the Loxton Trust guidance notes for full details.

Apply online

Download the Harriet Loxton Trust guidance notes

Goods and services provided must not overlap with statutory services

This means the Trust cannot pay for items that should be funded by statutory bodies such as DWP, NHS, or the City Council.

Other sources of financial support

Page last updated: 1 February 2023

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