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Committal to prison

If the enforcement agents have been unable to collect the debt and none of the above methods are appropriate or successful we can go back to the Magistrates’ Court and ask for you to be committed to prison.

  • You will have to give a full account of your financial circumstances from when you first fell into debt to the present
  • If you do not attend court warrants will be sought for your arrest
  • You can be sent to prison for up to 90 days.

A prison sentence can be suspended to allow you to clear the debt at a rate ordered by the court.

If you fall behind on a court order you must contact us as soon as possible. The court can reduce your payments but only if you attend court again; we will arrange this.

If your case comes back to court and the magistrates are not satisfied with your reasons for not paying they can activate the prison sentence.

  • The sentence will be reduced in proportion to the payments made since the order was imposed
  • You will be released straightaway if the debt is paid in full
  • You will be released early if part payment is made

Any remaining debt remains due and payable even if a term of imprisonment has been served.

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