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Liability order

If you have not maintained or defaulted on the payment arrangement on the summons you will now be subject to further recovery action. This can be:

  • an instruction to your employer to make deductions from your salary or wages
  • a request to the Department for Work and Pensions to make deductions from your benefits
  • the debt will be passed to Enforcement Agents and incurs cost of £75 and £235 for each liability order if they need to make a visit
  • a request to the county court to place a charge on your property (if you own it) and interest can be applied on the balance owed.
  • apply to the county court for a bankruptcy order and a further cost of at least £1270 will be incurred.

The final stage is a warrant of arrest being issued and exercising our right to a bring you in for a committal hearing.

This will incur further costs of £135 per warrant and £305 for all associated summonses. It is a very serious possibility you can be sent to prison for non payment of Council Tax.

For information on our Council Tax recovery process

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