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Overview | Difficulty paying your council tax | Birmingham City Council

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We understand there may be times when you are struggling to keep up with your Council Tax payments.

It is important to note that Council Tax is classed as a priority debt over credit card or unsecured loans and the main reason for this is, you can be sent to prison for non-payment of Council Tax.

There are also further ways to see if You can get help with your debt, for example, apply for Council Tax support, apply for exemptions, or contact independent advice organisations.

If you are having difficulty paying your Council Tax bill, you will still need to keep paying as much as you can afford, in order to try and keep the outstanding amount down.

If you do not keep up to date with your payments and do not respond to outstanding debt notices, then the outstanding amount you have to pay will increase as a result of further recovery charges, being added to your account and putting you into further debt.