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Request a refund on your Council Tax account

As Council Tax payments are mostly paid in advance, where there is a change in your circumstances a credit may occur on your account. These credits can be refunded to you after verification.

A refund will only be completed if your account is in credit and you do not owe any other amounts of Council Tax. If you move house within the city, any credit on your previous address will be transferred to your new address. If you have moved outside the city and have overpaid then a refund will be made.

Reasons for overpayment

A Council Tax account can fall in to credit for the following reasons:

  • a discount has been awarded
  • an exemption has been awarded
  • customer vacates or their liability ends
  • Council Tax support has been awarded
  • a banding alteration
  • customer overpaying

There may sometimes be a slight delay in issuing the refund while it is being verified. After verification has taken place we will issue a refund, via BACS where possible, which is usually issued within 10 working days from the date of request.

If a Council Tax account is in joint names and payment is to be made to only one of the Council Tax payers then authorisation is required from the individual not receiving the cheque. An email request in this instance is not acceptable.  You must post a request letter to the council tax team.

Request a Council Tax refund