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Street Cleaning


The street cleaning service provides regular mechanical and manual sweeping of all adopted roads on a scheduled basis.

Every road is usually swept either daily, weekly, fortnightly or four weekly, depending on the usage of the road. Obviously busy high streets will need to be swept much more regularly than quiet residential roads. Very busy shopping areas, such as the City Centre, are swept continuously throughout the day, seven days a week.

Manual sweepers remove litter and rubbish from the pavements and grass verges. They also remove larger items of litter from the gutters. Mechanical sweepers are used to clean the gutters and roadways. On street litter bins are emptied regularly.

To report a problem with an overflowing drain please click on the link to the Flooding and Drainage on Pavements and Roads page.

You can press the Request Street Cleaning button above to request:

  • Dead animal removal
  • Leaf fall removal
  • Request a 'No Dumping' sign
  • Request street cleaning

You can also request the removal of hypodermic needles from a public road by pressing the Request Hypodermic Needle Removal button above.

Essential Information
  • Graffiti, dumped rubbish, litter and flyposting are illegal and unsightly. The Street Cleaning Section offers services to deal with all these problems.

    Graffiti removal - Unsightly graffiti can be removed from domestic properties free of charge

    Dumped rubbish and fly-tipping - Rubbish dumped on open land or in the street will be collected on request

    Fly-posting - Fly-posting can be reported on the fly-posting page

    Litter and litter bins - You can also tell us about problems with litter and litter bins