Report a problem with a food product or food business

If you want to make a complaint about food you have purchased, or if you are unhappy about the premises from which you have bought food, report it us.

Report a problem with a food product or food business form: Begin now

Premises are inspected to ensure that food on sale or for supply is correctly labelled, complies with compositional standards and is not offered for sale after ‘use by dates’ have passed. 'Use by' dates are about safety and should not be confused with "best before" which is about quality and taste.

Read more about the different date labels used on food products.

Food poisoning and infectious diseases

We also investigate outbreaks of food poisoning and certain other infectious diseases. We can only investigate incidents that occurred in Birmingham or if you have consumed food from a business in Birmingham.

If you would like to report an incident relating to an outbreak of food poisoning or infectious disease, contact our Infection Control Team.

Page last updated: 8 February 2024

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