Doorstep salespeople and rogue traders

No Rogue TradersWe advise you to never deal with people who knock on your door or call you on your telephone offering goods and services.

Builders who call at your home

Rogue traders can operate by knocking on your door and trying to convince you that you need work done on your home. They normally seem cheap to start with but once they’ve started they can charge more and more for new work that they discover needs to be done.

Their work is normally a poor standard, and may not have been necessary. They overcharge for everything they do and give little or no paperwork. This can make them very hard to get hold of should any problems with their work arise.

Be wary when dealing with people at the door.

Your right to cancel

Any trader who calls at your home, and you employ to do a job, has to give you details of your right to cancel in writing. When you enter into a contract at your home you are entitled to a 14 day cooling off period.

The trader still has to provide details of your right to cancel in writing even if you employ someone as a result of receiving a leaflet through your door.

Read more about consumer contracts: off-premises sales

Doorstoppers campaign

The purpose of the doorstoppers campaign is to highlight and help combat the problem of doorstep sellers who prey on vulnerable consumers.

We work with other agencies and provide a rapid response service so we can respond quickly in cases where older or vulnerable people are being pressured into having work done. If we‘re informed in time we can even arrange to be present when such workmen are scheduled to come back.

If you’re having problems with rogue home repairs or you have a neighbour or friend who has been targeted by a rogue trader, contact our rogue trader hotline on 0121 303 9367. You can also request doorstop stickers from us as and a 'Think Twice' Booklet.


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