Weights and measures

Trading Standards make sure that the quantities of goods sold are correct.

We carry out inspections and follow up complaints at many types of businesses, including:

  • petrol forecourts
  • pubs and restaurants
  • supermarkets
  • overloaded vehicles
  • public weighbridges

Overloaded vehicles

If you own or drive goods vehicles, you should be aware that the maximum load you can carry is restricted to the weight specified on the manufacturer's plate. You should find the nearest suitable weighbridge to your journey’s starting point if you want to weigh your loaded vehicle.


If you feel you’re being given a short measure, visit the Citizens Advice website or call their helpline on 0808 223 1133. Complaints may be referred to us to investigate.

Advice for businesses

We test weighing equipment and request to see records and documentation of previous tests and maintenance of the machines. You can ask us to test your equipment by emailing tradingstandards@birmingham.gov.uk. There is a fee for this service.

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