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Getting help with your energy bills

Fuel poverty affects the most vulnerable residents in our communities. It can have serious impacts on their wellbeing, especially for:

  • young children
  • people with reduced mobility
  • people aged over 65
  • people with a health condition

As a council, we are committed to helping our residents reduce their fuel bills and keep warm and well.

There are several schemes available to Birmingham residents, including:

  • free installation of central heating
  • switching energy suppliers
  • support with fuel debts
  • energy saving measures
  • energy efficient appliances

Help from your energy supplier

Citizens Advice has a list of energy companies that offer grants to help pay for energy bills.

The following organisations also have schemes to help customers struggling to pay their energy bills:

British Gas Energy Fund also might be able to support you, regardless of your energy supplier.

Energy Company Obligation

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO4) is a government energy efficiency scheme.

Its aim is to help reduce carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty by improving the energy efficiency of homes occupied by low income, fuel poor, and vulnerable households.

Find out more about the ECO4 scheme and eligibility

As a Birmingham resident you may qualify through two categories, either:

  • because you are in receipt of means-tested benefits under the Help to Heat Grant (HTHG)

Find out more about Help to Heat funding

  • or under one of the four ECO Flex routes (ECO Flex)

Read more about ECO4 Flex in our statement of intent

We are working with E.ON to offer free home energy efficiency improvements to qualifying residents.

Find out more about the help available and check your eligibility

Help from the council

We can award you a crisis grant to help you with topping up your gas and electricity pre-payment meter. To get one, you must show that you have already asked your energy supplier for help.

If we award you a crisis grant, a pre-payment card will be available for you to collect.

Help from other providers


LEAP (Local Energy Advice Partnership) can provide help and advice with:

  • energy switching
  • free energy saving measures
  • money advice

They can also check if you are eligible for insulation, a new appliance, or a new boiler.

Phone LEAP on 0800 060 7567 or apply for LEAP online.


ECHO (Emergency Central Heating Offer) is a scheme that offers emergency help to fuel poor or vulnerable households. They help to repair or replace broken or condemned boilers.

This scheme is available to owner occupiers only.


HEART is an initiative to support fuel poor and vulnerable households. They help replace old and inefficient appliances with modern and efficient ones.

This includes:

  • fridges
  • fridge freezers
  • washing machines
  • electric cookers

Help from the government

Winter fuel payments are available in the winter months. Pensioners can get between £100 and £300 to help pay their heating bills.

Cold weather payments are available if you receive certain benefits and the temperature is 0 degrees or below for more than 7 days.

You may also be eligible for help to heat grants if you are a home owner-occupier.

Energy saving boilers

Money Saving Boiler Challenge will save you money and energy by changing a single setting on your boiler.

Many UK combi boilers burn more gas, generate more carbon emissions, and cost more in energy bills than they need to.

Research shows that by adjusting the boiler flow temperature to 60 degrees or below, households will save money on their energy bill. They will also save an average of 172kg in carbon emissions.

Smart meters

A smart meter can help you take control of your energy use.

Smart meters have an in-house display that shows, at a glance, how much gas and electricity you are using, and how much you are spending.

This means you can plan ahead, knowing how much your energy bill will be. It could also help you make small changes around your home to use less energy, which could save you money too.

Find out more about smart meters

Page last updated: 21 September 2023

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