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What are tenant satisfaction measures?

All social housing providers in England must collect data on a new set of tenant satisfaction measures (TSMs).

The measures form part of a new system developed by the Regulator of Social Housing to assess how well social housing landlords are doing at providing good quality homes and services.

How this affects tenants

The measures are aimed at helping improve standards for people living in social housing by:

  • providing visibility, letting tenants see how well their landlord is doing, and allowing tenants to hold their landlord to account
  • providing the regulator an insight into which landlords might need to improve things for their tenants

How we will measure landlords' performance

TSMs are designed to see how well landlords:

  • keep properties in a good state of repair
  • maintain building safety
  • engage with tenants
  • handle complaints

There are 22 TSMs, which include:

  • 12 Tenant Perception Measures (TPMs)
  • 10 Management Information Measures (MIMs)

For TPMs, landlords must survey a sample representative of their customer population.

Page last updated: 29 August 2023

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