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Leaseholder rights and responsibilities

What is a leaseholder?

You are classed as a ‘leaseholder’ if you have an ex-council property on a long term lease with us. If you have bought a property you will have a ‘leaseholder agreement.’

What is a lease?

A lease allows you to own a property for a long period of time. A lease can run for up to 125 years. After this time, ownership of the property will revert to the ‘freeholder’, such as the council. This is why it is important to make sure a leasehold property for sale has a long lease.

You can get a copy of your leaseholder agreement by contacting HM Land Registry, or There is usually a charge for this.

See our handbook to find out more about leaseholding.

Your lease agreement

If you are a leaseholder you should have a lease agreement which explains:

Your rights

Your leaseholder agreement also explains your rights and responsibilities for maintaining your property. To find out more about your rights, contact Citizens Advice, a solicitor, or get advice from independent advisory service Lease.

Groups of leaseholders who meet certain conditions can buy the freehold to their building. This is called ‘Collective Enfranchisement’.

Contents insurance

You are responsible for taking out your own household contents insurance. You can make your own arrangements, or take out contents insurance arranged by the council.

Page last updated: 22 February 2023

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