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What is a leaseholder

If you bought a former council flat or maisonette, either through Right to Buy or on the open market, you are likely to be a leaseholder. You'll have a legal agreement with the council (the “freeholder”) called a lease. This tells you for how many years you’ll own the property.

Leases generally allow you to own a property for a long period of time, usually 125 years. After this time, the property will belong to the council again. You can usually extend a lease when it’s coming to an end.

Find out more in our Leaseholder Handbook.

Leaseholder Liaison Board

The Leaseholder Liaison Board (LLB) is a partnership between the council and our leaseholders. The LLB  looks at issues that particularly affect leaseholders such as leaseholder charges, major repair programmes and the development of neighbourhoods.

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