Your right to be consulted on 'long term agreements'

‘Long term agreement’ consultations

As a leaseholder you have a right to be consulted by us if you pay at least:

  • £100 a year for maintenance and services with long term agreements such as cleaning services
  • £250 for any repairs

Long term agreements with service companies

We may enter into a ‘long term agreement’ with a maintenance or service company.

Before entering any such agreement, we must send a ‘Notice of Intention’ to:

  • any leaseholders who will be affected
  • a tenants’ association, if there is one
  • any tenants currently buying a flat through ‘Right to Buy’

Purpose of Notice of Intention

The notice must:

  • provide an overview of the proposed agreement, or let you know when and where you can see a description of the proposed agreement
  • explain why we think the agreement is necessary
  • explain how you can give feedback on the agreement

You have 30 days from the date you receive the Notice of Intention to provide feedback. The council must consider all comments.

After 30 days we will:

  • ask for estimates from different companies and select one
  • send a Notice of Proposal to each leaseholder
  • inform the tenants' association, if there is one

The notice must include:

  • a statement of every party to the proposed agreement
  • (1) your estimated contribution, (2) the unit cost, (3) hourly or daily rate, as well as the overall estimated cost of the agreement
  • the intended length of the agreement
  • a summary of any feedback received and our response
  • a copy of the proposal, or information on where and when you can see it
  • information on how you can give feedback

You have 30 days from the date of the notice to give your feedback. The council must consider all comments.

We cannot charge any leaseholder more than £100 per year for services if we do not follow this process.

Page last updated: 22 February 2023

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