Invoices and payment schemes

We will send you an invoice for the cost of major work. Invoices must be paid within 28 days of the date of the invoice.

You may be able to apply to spread the cost with an extended payment scheme if you:

  • can’t afford to pay the invoice in full, or
  • can’t get a loan from your bank or building society

You cannot apply for extended payment if you sub-let your property, own multiple properties, or don’t live at the property.

Extended payment options

There are 3 extended payment options:

  • up to 12 months interest free for invoices up to £500
  • up to 3 years interest free for invoices between £501 and £3,500
  • up to 10 years interest free for invoices over £3,500

The loan will be secured against your property for invoices over £2,000.

If you can’t afford any of these payment options, we may consider putting a legal charge against your leasehold property. This means you must pay any money you owe to us when you sell your property.

You’ll be charged interest each year until you pay the money.

To find out more about planned consultations, or for more information on payment options, email

Page last updated: 16 February 2023

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