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Repairs leaseholders are responsible for

As the leaseholder, you are responsible for arranging repairs to your part of the building and gardens (if any). Your lease agreement will tell you who is responsible for different repairs.

You may need to get permission before you carry out some repairs and improvements.

In general, leaseholders are responsible for:

  • all internal parts of the home, including non-structural walls and partitions
  • fixtures and fittings in the home unless they specifically belong to the council, for example an entry phone system
  • cables, pipes and drains in the home or that are only used by that home, for example a water tank.
  • glazing and external doors, locks or fasteners
  • internal decoration, including plaster and finishes to walls, ceilings or floors.
  • ceilings, but not joists or beams
  • boundaries and fences to leaseholder’s own gardens.
  • accidental damage, for example breaking a wash hand basin

Some of these items may be covered by your contents insurance or our buildings insurance.

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